Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games is a video game design company that focuses on empowering the next generation of job seekers to explore careers, prepare for entering the workforce, and connecting users with potential training and employment opportunities through their mobile app video games. Starting over 12 years ago as a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University, Simcoach has been developing the Skill Arcade – a collection of mobile microgames that each focus on short interactive learning experiences. These games can be played on-demand by individuals while their game interactions and learning badges are tracked to be licensed to enterprises who are searching for interested and capable talent. The Skill Arcade includes games focused on self-development, centered around the fields of Technology, Healthcare and Construction. This includes industry specific experiences, but also interview, life and job skills. Simcoach is helping the next generation explore alternatives to a traditional college education and launch them into their careers.


Founded: 2005

Funding Status: Unknown

Company Type: Profit


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