Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Prototype, The World We Want To Live In

Prototype was founded a little less than two years ago by Erin Gatz and E. Louise Larson.  Founded on feminist values, the makerspace began in order to encourage and enable marginalized communities and women with the tools and confidence to pursue what they want. This inspiring and vibrant workshop is open and ready for makers from all walks of life.

We had the pleasure to meet with Sarika Bajaj, a board member of Prototype. Sarika feels that Prototype creates a better hope for the world she envisions. She also let us in on a fun fact: Louise and Erin set a goal to reach 100 members, 100 days after Trump’s inauguration. Their goal was greatly surpassed when 800 women joined.

Sarika Bajaj

“Located in a warehouse in the North Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Prototype PGH is a feminist makerspace with over 150 paying members. Our mission is to build gender and racial equity in tech and entrepreneurship by providing affordable access to high tech tools and equipment, offering workshops that prioritize the experiences of women, and cultivating a gender-inclusive professional support network.”

460 Melwood Ave

Suite 208

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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