Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Pittsburgh’s Crypto and Blockchain Summit

Crypto and Blockchain Summit is open to any in Pittsburgh and designed to bring awareness to Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and distributed networks. Join us for an all day event to meet other like-minded individuals in the industry as well as learn from top experts in the field. 

We invite all experts and enthusiasts. If you’d like to get involved with the event please email


11-12pm  Arrival and Networking

12-2pm  First Session

2-3pm Lunch and Networking

3-5pm Second Session

Discussion Points:

  1. Cryptocurrency overview
  2. Blockchain Technology and beyond 
  3. Tokens and ICO’s
  4. Investing in digital assets
  5. Builidng apps and protocols

Hosts and Sponsors:

Entre is the fastest growing community for entrepreneurs, artists, creators, and innovators. Our monthly events bring people together to openly discuss and share ideas with like-minded individuals. We welcome entrepreneurs of all types, start-ups of all sizes, industries and stages to join us in finding the inspiration, resources and friends that will make them successful.  Whether our members are just beginning to build a company, or are years into their venture, Entre aims to refer the best services available for helping them achieve their goals. We aim to work with sponsors and partners who share our vision in helping the start-up community grow and succeed.

Holochain is a massively scalable, inexpensive post-blockchain framework for writing distributed apps (dApps). Holo is its flagship project — a decentralized hosting service that bridges Holochain apps (hApps) to the legacy web of today.  Not making sense? Want more? For an introduction to Holochain try this video or read this article. You can dive a little deeper with this video, by reading our white papers, or checking out our GitHub. Then there’s always the website,  For more about Holochain activities in Pittsburgh, join our chat channel and our group.

G&M gives the average individual the ability to easily invest in digital assets. We manage digital assets for over 35 investors who otherwise would not have had the opportunity. Our unique investment strategy combines both technical and fundamental analysis to adjust and re-balance portfolios. Our mission is to create quality clientele relationships and give everyone the ability to partake in the largest technological revolution since the internet boom. More information can be found @ or by emailing

Dappiness is a blockchain game and solution development studio focused on the EOS ecosystem.

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