Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Pittsburgh is getting a two-acre lagoon and ice rink

Something incredible is popping up in Pittsburgh…

Something incredible is popping up in Pittsburgh, a development project to provide outdoor fun year-round. Wait – that can’t be right… we are talking about Pennsylvania right? Just like the weather changes in a snap, so will Crystal Lagoons’ new North Side development in Esplanade. The man-made lagoon that is coming to Pittsburgh will include a Ferris Wheel and Ice Rink! If all goes as planned, Crystal Lagoons would be the first urban lagoon in the world with capabilities to convert its operations from a summer paradise with swimming, kayaking and white sand beaches into a frozen skating rink in the winter.

Not only will this serve as a great attraction for the city, but the two-acre lagoon will utilize a patented high tech process to use 100 times fewer chemicals and 50 times less energy than traditional swimming pools!

To learn more about the Crystal Lagoons development, visit there website!

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