Tue. Sep 17th, 2019

Evan Carmichael’s #Believe Tour began in Pittsburgh – RECAP

Learn what happened during Evan Carmichael’s workshop when he visited Pittsburgh and find out where you could still see him on tour!

Last week, the 412biz team got the opportunity to participate at Evan’s workshop when he stopped in Pittsburgh. Evan is a youtuber who makes videos for entrepreneurs. You can check out his channel here. Last year he decided to embark on a mission to transform entrepreneurs from thinkers into doers. To help you go from doubting yourself to believing in yourself – which is something I think everyone was able to take away.

Think of a Moment

In order to get motivated - you need to to not only think of why you are doing something, but you need to remember a time that you achieved something incredible. A moment where you felt confident and your hard work led to your success!

Identify your Goals

What are your three primary goals for 2019? What are the things that you would bring you happiness if you could achieve?

Discover What's Holding you Back.

Think of the thinks that are holding you back from achieving your goals? What has held you back in the past and what might keep you from pursing it now.

Identify What is Different.

Why is this time different? What change are you going to make to accomplish your goals? Make a video to remind yourself of why you will be able to take action.

Evaluate your Time

Identify the things you want to spend your time on in the following categories, as well as how long and often you want to do those things: Me Time, Relationships, Business.

Create a Powerful Schedule.

Start with your Morning Routine. Map out the things that you want to fit in your day and then allot time for them... and when you say you are going to do them - actually do it! Another powerful method is called "Chunking" where you do like things on certain days of the week - which will allow you to be more efficient as you decrease the switching costs (which can be enormous)!

When you decide to do something… Immediately take action as the difference in your life is everything.

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