Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Creation Labs

Aaron Hartman turned his three favorite things - designing, manufacturing, and teaching others how to design and create, into his new business. . .

After spending nearly two decades in his engineering career, Aaron began his own business of leasing/selling 3D printers and printing designs for fellow engineers, architects, and artists. Three years later, he expanded his 3D printing business into Creation Labs. Now, anyone can turn their visions into a reality, and in a cost-effective manner.


Located in the South Hills Village Mall, this Carnegie Science Center/Sportsworks reminiscent fantasy world absolutely steals the show. It’s no surprise mall goers stop in their tracks to explore the brights colors, creations, and types of equipment that fill the room.


“3D printing is the next natural stop for all designers,” – Aaron Hartman, Founder of Creation Labs

There has been a decline in administrative support for shop classes and other hands-on working areas in some high school’s. However, this is an integral part of adolescent development and helps to shape young people’s minds and abilities into what roles they will play later on in life. Aaron’s goal with Creation Labs is to bring back hands-on learning and creativity.


Stop in some time to play, you will be so happy you did.



Creation Labs is your neighborhood makerspace where anyone can learn how to design and bring their projects to life. Now through the end of November, become a founding member of Creation Labs for 25% off. Visit, call (412) 835-MAKE, or email for more information on how to join!

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